Just above water in some flight of girl woman

the image of her body naked sirenlike, the waves dancing

and she was there in the flute of my memory

she was you. He was lost at sea, she thinks

thoughts held in dark fathom and sea creatures gliding below

and he could see how I held a cup of longing in my hands

sounds of the ocean’s music. All things are lost

she says, in the ocean’s music. It is here where the world

will end. In my dreams there is a wave slow, melodious

and peaceful. And the moon’s pull and the water overtakes me

gentle cold. If that is the truth of it

then I want to stay with you. (She takes his hand, slides his grip

upon her waist.) I try to pull from you, in every attempt

remember everything not here and again I am lost. Seabirds glide

the water’s surface, winds carry the songs of the last whales.

And the sky opens each morning, swallows me whole.

Again and again I am found I am lost.

©️ David Crews