The crash is loud as it echoes through even the spirit strong;
by the window, the old shack barely enough to safety;
dressed in poverty she stands, fingers to the damp glass,
a dusty curtain greets her with memories of many scores.

She blinks again as fire possesses the air otherwise so serene;
the insides no longer calm, a heartbeat no longer pleased,
she shivers in fear of what may enter, what she does not know;
knees do not consider the effort, they need to disconnect.

Body blinded unreal with another flash, life could leave;
hanging to the frame of what was once a dearly home,
the soul wants to play, needs to laugh, grab onto what once was;
run to the trees, rod begging for a jolt powerful, luminous.

The eye of terror asks for a reprieve collapsing in the now;
salty the river runs; as the loss seems certain the heart explodes;
hands feel a place there was once life new, immeasurable the pain;
brow to the glass freezing, she looks for a chance to dim the fever.

No light indoors, she wonders of the end since nightmare rules;
she fears, alone, light is armed with jagged daggers and swords;
her survival is optional only, for there is no knight in sight;
like the earthquake that swallows all, lightning again.

Child, little girl, woman, naught has changed for yesteryear;
pray to your hope, dream farther, all will be well indeed;
in morn’ again, reborn you will love, when day comes,
lady of the ball, dance, dance in light, you are safe.